Sitecore Helix Template SDK project help Series Part: 1

In my current work, I am trying to lift and shift a 7.2 Sitecore instance to 9.3. In the past I have helped them to implement the Helix Architecture. There were no template available at that time. So I had to make the whole thing piece by piece. It was little tedious and time consuming. Thank you to Anders Laub, now we have a quick way to create those without spending too much time. Here is the download link if you don’t have it already. Just install that from the market place. You will have to restart Visual Studio.

What happens when you install the template?

I can see in templates are installed in c:\projects\helix.templates folder.

I open the Visual Studio and Select create a new project. Under Search for templates type Helix and you will see the Sitecore Helix Modules and Solution option like below.

Search for template

Select that template and click next. And Configure your Project. This will use the solution template

Create the Solution

This is where you can choose between Classic or SDK Style projects. Once you Select that it will create the basic structure for your solution with Feature, Foundation and Project folders.

Let’s check the solution it created.

Now, you are getting lots of prebuild and preconfigured items for your Sitecore solution. Let’s see what our folder looks like.

Under src, you will have the Feature, Foundation and Project folders.

So you have the basic structure here. Next one I will go over the customization of the template.

If you want to learn more about Sitecore / Helix template use the following links. I highly suggest Shelley Benhoff’s PluralSight courses. the following one has Helix template

Anders Laub’s Github for the helix template

Watch for the next blog post on this.