BYTE Post 11: What is this Binding redirect?

I ran into an issue where my solution was using certain version of a nuget package to make things complicated, an internal app’s dll was getting referenced, that was also looking for a different nuget package.

I can’t have 2 different (for example : System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions) dll’s.

Error message does tell you to do a binding redirect. And if you don’t know what that is, if you look in the Web.config, you will find bunch of them.

Starts with dependentAssembly
If you already found it for the dll that threw error, change the oldVersion=”[yourversion]” newVersion=”yourversion”
keep rest as is.
If you don’t find the target dll. Copy one of the segment, change name to your dll, make sure the public key token is the same and then do the changes to newVersion and oldVersion as I mentioned above.