BYTE Post 9: Issues with unhealthy container

I was trying to get Nick’s docker example develop ( ) up and running on my pc. I kept on running into issues. First one was Unable to load service and not able to get nuget (Ref Image below)

To resolve this I found the following link and direction from Nick Wesselman

The suggestion is to get your proper adapter lowest InterfaceMetric value.

That error is gone.

Now came the next one, my containers are unhealthy.

I can’t figure out why it is getting unhealthy message.

Everything seemed fine. But the container always coming as unhealthy. I looked inside the visual studio’s container window for logs. I found that I have been pointing to an expired license file. Well that was an easy fix, except in my case, I had to spin everything down, start from init.ps1 and point to the right LicenseXmlPath (there might be a faster way, I just don’t know at this point).

After that everything is happy and container is up.

And that’s it folks for now.