BYTE Post 5: Sitecore website files in Docker

Here is another nice find on how to actually see the sitecore websites file in Docker.
I was playing with Docker and got a 9.3 install up. The installation look like the following item.

Items in my Container

Now I can go to my Site using the http://localhost:44001/sitecore

I can go to my Solr using the http://localhost:44011 address. But I couldn’t figure out where my Web files are. You know all the files that goes in the inetpub wwwroot.

With help from Aaron Bickle (again thank you), I learned that you can type

docker exec -it 93x_cm_1 powershell

This will open up a powershell window inside the Docker. Now you can Type

cd C:\inetpub\wwwroot

And you will see all the files that goes for the website. Here is an image below.

Happy Docker-Sitecore -ing everyone.