BYTE Post 4: How to connect to Sitecore Docker SQL server

Ok, I am probably putting the carriage before the horse. But I think it’s helpful.

I got a Docker container up (Details on a different post) using the github docker image repository.I can go to http://localhost:44001/sitecore and login.

Now next question, how can I connect to database, what will be the address?

Well to find the name and port, type in

docker container ls

You will see something like the item below. second arrow is the IP your Sql Server is pointed to in the localhost.

When you type your localhost you have to use comma before the IP Address like the second picture.

If you forgot where your Sql Server Password is , go look under the [location]\docker-image-github\build\windows\tests\9.3.x and find the .env file. Open with text editor and you will find your password.

Thanks to Aaron Bickle and Jean-Francois (jeff) L’Heureux from Sitecore Docker community for the pointer.