BYTE Post 3: Sitecore docker images repo documentation is out of date

If you are new to Docker and trying to figure out how to build Sitecore images. You usually do a search with Google to get to Sitecore docker images repository.

There is the link for how to get started with Sitecore docker images repository

Problem with that it needs updating. First of all, the username and password is no longer needed. So if you try to put that you get the following error.

“A parameter cannot be found that matches the parameter name ‘SitecoreUsername'”

So take that username and password off. After that I got an error about DacFx. Sitecore site had the following directions to solve it. It didn’t work.


I also downloaded the DacFx from Microsoft, added it using Visual Studio and even installed the Sql Server. None of them worked.

Finally, I received help from Sitecore.Chat on Slack about using “SkipModuleAsset

So my powershell call looked line

.\Build.ps1 -SitecoreVersion "9.3.0" -Topology "xm", "xp", "xc" -IncludeSpe -IncludeSxa -IncludeJss -SkipModuleAsset

This finished the process without error. Thank to the following MVP’s Vincent Lui, Kamruz Jaman, Aaron Bickle.