BYTE Size Post 1 : Sites Base template creation in Sitecore

When I first started working with Sitecore. I had to work pretty hard to understand some smaller things. I decided at that time. When I write, I will try to keep thing very specific and precise.

This one is about just how to create a template. I used this to memorize my steps when I was learning. It was on a notebook.  I am using Helix framework, Sitecore Rocks and Visual Studio 2019.

To create a look and feel like template.

ON Visual Studio

  1. Create a Default MVC view under Project.
  2. You can paste your default HTML here. Make sure you have your “main” placeholder.

On Sitecore Rocks

  1. Put the File under sitecore/layout/layouts/Project/[Site folder]/[view name]

On Sitecore

  1. Create the template under sitecore/templates/Project/[Types folder]/Page template
  2. Create standard value and on Presentation detail select the layout we created.
  3.  Now you go to Site\Home\[Folder Name] \Insert from Template –> Browse to Template\Project\[Template]ORIf you have insert option set already, just use that.