Mono for Android

So far I was trying to work with Eclipse and using Java to code for my Android apps. But I have to admit that it wasn’t too easy. I just missed the simplicity of Visual Studio and how easy it is to work with it. Maybe it is because I am so use the that IDE  and I am more at home with Visual Studio. I was craving to find out if there was a way to use Visual Studio to code for Android. I found MONO. I did not know much about it in the past. I was reading a post online and seemed to catch the Visual Studio, Mono and Android on the same sentence. Well, now I am writing my first app with Mono and Visual Studio few days later. I will point out the obvious installation process for you.


Here are the things you need.

1. Need to go to the following site where you can get the installer.

this is a trial. You can do all the coding you want and use the emulator to test your code and app while you are using the trial. But you have to pay when you are trying to go to market.



2. There are few pre-requisite for the Mono framework , but don’t worry the installer will install all that for you





3. Once the installation is done, you should be able to use Mono Develop to create your app Or you can use Visual Studio 2010 and C# to create your Android app. You will see new templates under your C#



Well, that is the beginning. Go explore if you want. You should have all the item you need to create Android app.

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