Learn from failure. Fail quick and fail fast.

I know when I was learning to walk, I fell many times. So many times that it was ok to fall down and it was neither good or bad. It was just a process to “learn” how to walk.

That’s the way it should be.

I never trust a person who will say they were successful in everything they have ever done. That is never the truth. Maybe I am just too critical. But I have to be, I must analyze situations and solutions and make sure that makes sense.

Does it always make sense? NO ! NO WAY!!!

To make sense out of things, I try things out. I will try things out in smaller chunks. Starting with the smallest chunk that makes sense to me and start relating things together. Almost like learning a new language by looking at images. Lot of the times, it doesn’t make sense, till something does. Then I proceed to do that same relation process and move forward.

I found the fear of failing is our biggest enemy in any situation?

If you have a goal, the itch to do something new, and you don’t know how, just start trying, read, implement , rinse and repeat.

Maybe you have the new big idea, but too afraid to try it.