Issues with Visual Studio 2017 and Git repo setup

Between me and my co-worker we were setting up a git repo. Nothing fancy (yet) just a git repo to check in code, checkout , branch etc. My coworker kept on getting this “resource cannot be null: source” error message.

When I am connecting to the same repo from my dev environment, I have no issues. In my case I was using the Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with Update 3 and my friend was using Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Update 2.

There is a nice topic going on the stackoverflow. Check that out if you are having issue.


There should be a better fix soon. But for now, we are using Visual Studio 2015 to get around that annoying issue.


Finally, found a workaround for this. Since I am inside a secured network, I turned off the SSL Cert check.

open on a command prompt

and type git -c sslVerify=false